Betamet is specialised in industrial machine installations and modernisation projects. We have gained solid professional skills and extensive experience in installing new equipment and the modernisation of devices which need to be brought up to date. In these projects, we have the responsibility for the design, installation and commissioning. An increasing number of projects start with Betamet performing the design, which, from the outset, takes into account the customer's individual expectations and the needs of the production and maintenance. We also transfer machines and complete production lines.

We have performed several paper and steel plant installation projects around the world for international companies. Our many successful projects clearly demonstrate our high professional skills. We operate reliably, safely and always according to the schedule.

One of our specialisation areas is the air systems for heavy industry. Examples of these systems include paper machine hoods, heat recovery systems, fans, burners, ducts, air dryers, runnability components and vacuum systems.

Our customers include the paper, steel and mining industry as well as machine and equipment suppliers, such as Valmet, Andritz, Outokumpu, SSAB and FQML Kevitsa Mining.

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Esa Kärki
Esa Kärki Purkaamontie 4, 41310 Leppävesi
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Good Reputation

By keeping our promises and responding to requests we have built a foundation for our reputation. It requires continuous hard work and excellent quality. Our reputation has given us the opportunity to implement projects all over the world.


Betamet has solid professional skills in the pre-assembly and installation of industrial pressure devices and process pipelines, as well as installations of heat exchangers and pressure vessels. In addition, we have comprehensive experience in the installation of products manufactured from special materials. These include, among others, the demanding pipelines of the pharmaceutical industry systems and equipment, in which raw materials, such as hastelloy, titanium, and zirconium, are used. 

Our customer base comprises chemical, steel, paper, mining, food and pharmaceutical industries as well as machinery and equipment suppliers. Our customers include, among others, Outokumpu, SSAB, Stora Enso, Agnico Eagle, Kemira and Fermion. 

We have more than thirty years of experience in the pre-assembly and installation of small pipelines for industry. We operate globally. 


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Timo Heikkinen
Timo Heikkinen Sälpätie 4, 90620 Oulu
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Success Factors

The successful projects of Betamet are based on careful project planning. It is about the work planning being done in a detailed and professional way, and the preconditioning of the components. The work is carried out by experienced, motivated employees and supervisors.


Our Oulu custom workshop is specialised in processing fine steel. In addition to our customers, we also serve other units of the Group by manufacturing demanding components and performing pre-configuration work. We manufacture industrial components, such as pressure tanks, steel structures and furniture for construction, as well as products that meet the high quality requirements of the food industry. 

There is also a pickling plant being run on the side of the Oulu custom workshop. It has a 8.6 x 1.5 x 1.5 metre pickling pool which enables us to process approximately 200 tons of steel. For processing large parts, we use the spray pickling method.

Our customers include the processing and food industry, construction companies and engineering industries, such as SSAB, Outokumpu, Efora, Kemira, Valmet, Oulu Energy, Valio and Ekokem. 

Kempele workshop has approximately twenty years of experience in welding and processing special metals. We use orbital welding for manufacturing industrial pipelines, reactors, heat exchangers and pressure vessels meeting our customers' cleanliness and quality requirements. If required, we install the devices or take care of the whole project.

In our Kouvola workshop, we maintain, renovate and manufacture the distribution spreading and fly rolls for the paper industry. A refurbished roll, in its entirety, meets the standards and technology requirements of the existing machines. We provide a full warranty on all of our products.


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Mikko Lehtola Sälpätie 4, 90620 Oulu
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Mikko Lehtola

Workshop, Special Pipes

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Jyri Nukari Takatie 3, 90440 Kempele
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Jyri Nukari

Spreader Rolls

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Jari Lindgren