SSAB Europe Oy Raahe, Finland

In autumn 2015, Raahe Steel Works' blast furnaces move from oil injection to carbon injection, in which fine-ground raw coal is fed through blowing ducts to the blast furnace. Betamet took care of the bulk of the extensive device installation and the piping installations of the project.

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SSAB Europe Oy Raahe, Finland

Montes del Plata, Uruguay

In 2013, Betamet installed the fibre line and white liquor plant devices and parts of the air equipment for the pulp mill to be built in Punta Pereira, Uruguay.

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Montes del Plata, Uruguay

Outokumpu Oyj, Kemi mine

Chromium is the most important material for stainless steel. In 2012, the production of concentrate in the Kemi chromium mine was doubled. Betamet was responsible for the terrestrial equipment installations.

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Outokumpu Oyj, Kemi mine

Other references

Location Scope Year
Södra Cell Värö Dismantling of old production line and installing of new pulp drying machine including wet end, pulp dryer, cutter layboy, small-diameter piping and air systems 2016
Kotkamills Oy Dismantling of old papermachine line including auxiliary devices. Installation of pre-dryer section. 2016
VPK Paper Oudegem Modernization of PM6 drying section including mechanical installation and small-diameter piping 2016
Metsä Board Husum PM7 renewal/change to board machine, including wire, press and drying sections 2015
Stora Enso Varkaus PM3 renewal/change to board machine, including wire, press and drying sections 2015
Stora Enso Veitsiluoto Stora Enso Veitsiluoto, dismantling and servicing the guide rolls 2015
Stora Enso Kaukopää Press section, rebuild of the frames and change of the rolls 2014
Paper Excellence Marking, dismantling and packing of tall oil plant 2014
Enocell Oy Pulp drying machine rebuild on the press section, design, parts manufacturing and assembly 2013
Andritz S.A., Montes del Plata Installation of fiber line, white liquor plant, lime kiln, electrostatic precipitator and air systems 2013
Andritz Oy/SCA Östrand Installation of lime kiln with auxiliary devices, equipments for white liquour plant, steel structure and platforms 2011
M-Real Oyj, Kangas Marking, dismantling and packing of PM2 2011
Location Scope Year
Outokumpu Stainless Oy, Tornio Annealing and Pickling Line 3, mixed acid area and shot blasting 2016
SSAB Europe Raahe Pulverised coal injection equipment installation 2015
SSAB Europe Raahe Dryer equipment to pickling and web line 2014
Boliden Harjavalta Copper flash melting furnace steel structures and cooling elements assembly 2013
Outokumpu Chrome Oy, Tornio Pre Rolling station, modification of dust removal system 2013
Rautaruukki Oyj, Raahe Electrical arc equipment and piping installation for normalization oven 2012
Rautaruukki Oyj, Raahe Blast Furnace 2, installation works 2011
Location Scope Year
Agnico Eagle Finland Oy Desulphation piping 2016
Mondo Minerals Nickel Oy Mondo Expansion project 2015
Agnico Eagle Finland Oy Installation of Ball Mill 2014
Tormets Oy, Tornio Installation of conveyors in Pajala mining 2014
FQM, Kevitsa Primary Screen change work 2013
Outokumpu Chrome Oy, Kemi F3- project, Equipment and piping installation for concentrator plant 2012
FQML Kevitsa Mining Oy Installation of grinding mills 2011
Nordic Mines Oy, Raahe Installation of machine and equipment of gold mine 2011
Location Scope Year
Rudus Oy Railway tunnel handrail project 2014
Transtech Oy Tram cabin frames 2014
Moventas Wind Wind force gear service 2014
Parker Hannifin Oy Assembly of the hydraulic aggregates 2013
Lievestuoreen Lämpö Oy Old screw conveyor disassembly, planning for the new one, delivery and assembly 2012