Quality and Safety

Betamet is committed to high-quality and customer-oriented operations. In our operations, we follow the ISO9001:2015 quality system and ISO14001:2015 environmental management standards. Our Oulu custom workshops has the CE marking for load-bearing structures, according to the standard SFS-EN 1090-1. For our customers, these are the guarantee for not only high quality, but also for cost-effective and environmentally observing operations.

Constantly changing work environments require skilled foremen and skilled workers. Our managers and foremen are familiar with the duties and responsibilities inherent in their activities. We are continuously improving our business and further developing our project expertise and teamwork. These skills are constantly required on worksites with challenging conditions, numerous actors and tight schedules. 

Like its customers, Betamet follows the development of occupational safety. The goal is zero accidents, and a good management of the risks and machine safety.