We are specialised in demanding industrial machinery, equipment and pipeline installations as well as machine shop operations. We transfer and disassemble machines and complete production lines. We have acquired our versatile know-how over the years in demanding projects in Finland and around the world. Confidential, long-term customer relationships are important to us.

We continuously develop innovative working methods for our traditional industry. Close co-operation and good communication between the customer and the project partners is part of the efficient realisation of our projects. We invest in competence, quality, flexibility and tenable schedules. Considering the safety and environmental factors in our daily work is a part of our expertise. We keep our promises.

In some projects, we have had the responsibility for the design, installation and commissioning.

Betamet machine shops operate as custom engineering workshops and support the projects by manufacturing the necessary parts and equipment. In addition, we maintain and produce paper industry spreader rolls.

Betamet also provides a wide range of options for installations on different industries. We operate mainly in Europe, but from time to time the projects will take us to different parts of the world. Our offices are located in Finland and Germany.

Whether you are a professional of installation, measurement or production supervising, please contact us. We are continuously looking for new professionals who are interested in working in an international and challenging work environment.